vex version 3.39 available

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vex version 3.39 available

Postby frb » Tue Mar 01, 2005 11:09 am

I've uploaded the new version of vex - 3.39 - on the VEX download website (

Major changes:
- use of 'long long' for all counters in CSIM
- better checking of machine model resources in user-configuration files

For example, the following mm file models a machine with 2 ALUs on cluster 0, where we instruct the compiler not to quit on a "likely" conflict, but simply to warn us.

Code: Select all
RES: Alu.0 2
CFG: Warn 1
CFG: Quit 1

If we compile a program that uses an ASM.2 custom operation, everything works ok. If we compile a program that uses an ASM.3 custom operation, the compiler breaks with an error
line nnn: error: not enough resources for operation - check machine model

-- Paolo
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