vex version 3.38 available

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vex version 3.38 available

Postby frb » Tue Feb 01, 2005 6:46 pm

I've uploaded the new version of vex - 3.38 - on the VEX download website (

In addition to a couple of minor bugfixes, this version adds support for a per-cluster issue-width resource.
To set the per-cluster issue-width resource, you use the IssueWidth.<cluster> resource.

For example, the following machine model configuration models a machine which can issue up to 4 ops/inst, but only 2 ops/inst in cluster 0, and 2 ops/inst in cluster 1.

Code: Select all
RES: IssueWidth 4
RES: IssueWidth.0 2
RES: IssueWidth.1 2

-- Paolo
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