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Examples of machine models

Postby frb » Thu Jan 20, 2005 1:29 pm

A a few sample VEX compiler machine models are included in the VEX distribution in one of the application directory (<vex>/share/apps/gsm/new). The machine models are in the files with the .mm suffix.

For example:

"risc.mm" models a scalar machine
Code: Select all
RES: IssueWidth 1

"vex8.mm" models an 8-wide single-cluster machine (8ALU, 4MEM, 4MUL)
Code: Select all
RES: IssueWidth 8
RES: IssueWidth.0 8
RES: MemLoad 4
RES: MemStore 4
RES: MemPft 4
RES: Alu.0 8
RES: Mpy.0 4
RES: CopySrc.0 1
RES: CopyDst.0 1
RES: Memory.0 4

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