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Postby frb » Wed Feb 01, 2006 10:54 am

To compile code for a VEX target with 2 or 4 clusters you have to use the
-width [2 | 4]
compiler flag. This flags tells the compiler that the architecture has the desired number of clusters.

By default (that is, if you don't provide an explicit .mm file), clusters are identical (except for the control unit, as described in the documentation).

If you want to define your own machine resources, you have to provide your own customization in a .mm file, and that .mm file should contain the resources for all the cluster. If some of the resources are not specified, they maintain the default value (and *not* the resources of cluster 0, as you say).

In other words, to model customized multi-cluster targets, I recommend to always specify all the cluster resources in the .mm file so that there are no ambiguities. To get the full list of resources for an n-cluster machine, you can run an empty compilation with "-width <n> -fmmdump "

Note that simulation is not affected by -width or .mm files: the simulator always support whatver number of clusters it finds in the object file.

-- Paolo
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