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Embedded Computing

A VLIW Approach to Architecture, Compilers and Tools

Joseph A. Fisher, Paolo Faraboschi, Cliff Young


Comments about the book

Am looking forward to reading this book...But I dont think I have the patience to wait it out for a month to recieve the book from US(thats the time frame that the local book store talks about) so instead I thought I would go for the e-book versions promoted at amazon. But I had a doubt as to whether I will be able to print the book... there is no way I can afford to spend 70$ and not be able to have the flexibility of printing it out! Can you please clarify on this?


Roy <roy.benavidez@gmail.com>
Bangalore, Karnataka India - Wednesday, April 6, 2005 at 03:55:21
Can I ask for a Table of Contents to be available somewhere? mkp.com or amazon.com do not have anything. It is difficult to make a buying decision on just a cover and a paragraph! And I'm keen to find out more about the text.
Best regards,

Roger Kinkead <r.kinkead@ieee.org>
Belfast, Northern Ireland - Thursday, January 27, 2005 at 16:57:03

Authors' Reply: The TOC is now available

This is the first technical book I've been inspired to read cover-to-cover in many years. It was well-written, and covered a lot of material. I really liked the breadth of material, and enjoyed reading the lessons from personal experiences. Also, the choice of material validates one of the lessons I learned from my advisor, many years ago, that architecture, software, and applications should all be studied together.

Thanks for an enjoyable two weeks. You've inspired me to take on a pile of texts that I've been saving for awhile now.

Michael Wolfe <Michael.Wolfe@st.com>
Portland, Oregon US - Monday, January 24, 2005 at 12:51:48